Advancing Opportunity Through Affordable Housing

Enterprise hosted an interactive discussion on Advancing Opportunity Through Affordable Housing. Based on Enterprise Community Partners’ and Housing Partnership Network’s white paper series, which features contributions from the Terner Center for Housing Innovation at the University of California at Berkeley, the webinar discusses strategies to accelerating promising ideas that could address longstanding community development challenges in the current environment.

This webinar is presented by Andrew Jakabovics of Enterprise Community Partners, Kristin Siglin of the National Community Stabilization Trust and Elizabeth Kneebone of the Terner Center for Housing Innovation.

Recorded webinar

Supporting Neighborhoods Left Behind
by Kristin Siglin, National Stabilization Trust
With the right mix of policies, communities can spur reinvestment in their neighborhoods and stop the deterioration.
Transforming Federally Subsidized & Public Housing
by Andrew Jakabovics & Rachel Bogardus Drew, Enterprise Community Partners
HUD has an opportunity to both improve the reach and quality of housing assistance nationwide by helping to facilitate the greatest degree of mobility for voucher holders.

The Employment Landscape for Subsidized Households
by Elizabeth Kneebone, Terner Center for Housing Innovation, UC Berkeley
An analysis of employment conditions, options and potential barriers in the different kinds of neighborhoods and communities in which people with subsidized housing live.

June 30, 2021
Kristin Siglin, National Community Stabilization Trust
Elizabeth Kneebone, Terner Center for Housing
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