2020 Strategic Plan

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Our generational goal is to end housing insecurity in the United States.

In communities across the United States, rents are rising and a record number of families are barely scraping by, unable to afford a decent place to call home. They are the face of America’s growing housing insecurity crisis. They are the families Enterprise aims to help. On any given night, more than 600,000 people sleep on the streets or in homeless shelters. Nearly 19 million families—10.9 million renter households and 7.5 million homeowners—live on the brink, paying more than half of their monthly income on housing. They are often just one paycheck away from losing their homes—and many are left with the impossible choice between paying rent and buying groceries, with nothing left for doctor’s visits, school supplies and other necessities.

When Jim and Patty Rouse founded Enterprise in 1982, they had a bold vision in mind: a day when every person in the U.S. has a safe and stable home in a vibrant community. Now, we have established an ambitious long-term goal for our organization that builds off of our founders’ original vision. Our generational goal is to end housing insecurity in the United States. That means no more homelessness, no more families paying half their income on housing and no more families living disconnected from jobs, education, health care and other opportunities.

As a down payment toward that goal, by 2020 we will help provide opportunity to one million low-income families through quality affordable housing and connections to good schools, jobs, transit and health care. The problem is large, but together with our partners and supporters, we can solve it. We can and we will end housing insecurity for low-income families. Join us.

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