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A safe and stable place to call home is the foundation for employment and financial independence, and having a good-paying job is frequently a prerequisite for having a safe home that you can afford. Involuntary housing loss, caused by a rent increase, an eviction, or a foreclosure can impair job performance and can result in job loss.


Nearly 19 million low-income U.S. households across the country pay more than half of their income on housing, and around 560,000 Americans are experiencing homelessness. A lack of affordable housing in places with access to good jobs results in weaker economic growth for regions and foregone earnings for workers. Recent research found that affordable housing shortages in cities with strong job markets lowered economic growth by 50 percent over the past five decades.

Enterprise brings together stakeholders in communities and helps develop strategies to create more affordable housing and jobs. We have been investing in economic opportunities in low-income neighborhoods for over 30 years using tools such as the New Markets Tax Credit.


Quality affordable housing is the keystone of lifting families up and out of poverty. Our new platform Opportunity 360 provides communities with the data and framework for understanding economic opportunity, housing quality and affordability, and interrelated opportunity factors in neighborhoods.

We believe that affordable homes near good-paying jobs with access to quality transit and and health care allows families and communities to prosper. In partnership with organizations like yours, Enterprise is advocating for the link between affordable housing and job opportunity.



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