To understand how to make things better, we first need to know a community's greatest opportunities and biggest challenges.

Defining and Measuring Opportunity

When people have access to the essential foundations of opportunity, including affordable housing, jobs, good schools and transit, then everyone has a chance to succeed – no matter where they’re starting from.

Opportunity360 measures five foundational criteria shown to have the greatest impact on how we live. The information provided by each neighborhood-level report can help us all better understand how to ensure communities are inclusive, equitable and thriving.

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Opportunity360 Measurement Report

Opportunity360 Measurement Reports provide the information necessary to determine where action is most needed and where established programs and policies have been most successful in any neighborhood in the country.

Ready to get started? Follow the directions below to create your report.

  • Create a report for any neighborhood in the United States just by entering a location or address in the map below.
  • Then click on the map and click again on "Get Enterprise Opportunity Report" in the pop-up.
  • Use the "Download PDF" option to save a copy of the report.
  • Use the "Add Data" feature on the map to see how outcomes and neighborhood characteristics vary across places.


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