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Field Notes: The Rural-Urban Relationship

It’s been about 2 months since the unexpected election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States. At this point there is seemingly no end to the analysis and speculation about what changes the rather unconventional Trump administration will bring. Rural America has also received a fair amount of attention (early on at least) as the rural vote was quickly identified as a deciding factor in the election. Very few people saw this coming and it has led to a lot of confusion, stereotyping and finger pointing about what rural really is or is not.
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Field Notes: Equity in Transportation Planning with Alice Brown, Project Manager for Go Boston 2030

Irene Figueroa Ortiz, Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellow 2016-2018, discusses equity in transportation planning with Alice Brown, Project Manager for Go Boston 2030. Go Boston 2030 is Boston’s long-term mobility planning initiative. As part of her fellowship, Irene manages the Public Realm Planning Study for Go Boston 2030. The study explores the role of placemaking strategies in improving the user experience and spatial quality of transportation in Boston.
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Redeveloping Green in Maryland

When Wishrock set out to redevelop Timbercroft Townhomes just northwest of Baltimore, it had multiple, challenging goals. It was committed to keeping the community – 284 units spread over more than 20 buildings – affordable. It had to meet the previous owner’s tight timeline for selling. And it wanted to give residents green and healthy homes.
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