Statement from Priscilla Almodovar, Chief Executive Officer, Enterprise Community Partners

November 11, 2019 - Advocates for ensuring every family, in every neighborhood, has the opportunity for good health and well-being have lost a visionary leader in the passing of Bernard J. Tyson, Chief Executive Officer of Kaiser Permanente. It is with great sadness that Enterprise Community Partners offers our sincerest condolences to Mr. Tyson’s family and to the entire Kaiser Permanente community.

Among the pillars of Mr. Tyson’s transformative leadership and innovation was his commitment to accessible health care, racial equity and workplace diversity. With profound grace and honesty, Mr. Tyson lent his considerable voice to raising awareness and encouraging dialogue about these vital issues.

Mr. Tyson also elevated housing as a social determinant of health. “If people can’t take their medication because they don’t have a home, or have to choose between buying food and medication, then [health care] innovation means little,” Mr. Tyson wrote in Time magazine last month.

Kaiser Permanente is among Enterprise’s very strongest partners in our efforts to infuse health into affordable housing and community development. As we remain steadfast in this work, Mr. Tyson’s vision and legacy will serve as a lasting source of inspiration.

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