Interns Brought Diverse Academic, Professional and Personal Experiences to the Work

2 interns from Northern California
Anna Driscoll and Amiel Leaño Atanacio, taken before physical distancing requirements

The Northern California team had the great fortune of working with two graduate student interns over the Spring semester: Amiel Leaño Atanacio and Anna Driscoll.

Amiel Leaño Atanacio has been an essential part of the Bay Area Housing for All team, working as our regional campaign intern. She led various quantitative research and analysis components of the campaign, helped develop a proposed scope of work for the start-up of the new Bay Area Housing Finance Authority and provided critical support to the campaign organization and management.  

Anna Driscoll also brought great leadership to her role as policy intern. She conducted extensive research for the new regional transit-oriented development policy and supported ongoing policy analysis and advocacy, including state legislation and fair housing considerations of the Bay Area’s new Regional Housing Needs Allocation methodology.  

Amiel and Anna each brought diverse academic, professional and personal experiences to the work, and our efforts have been strengthened because of them. Despite the unanticipated challenges of the last several months, they brought incredible dedication, creativity and humor to the work. We are grateful for them and their many contributions.  

Please join us in wishing Amiel and Anna congratulations as they are both graduating from the UC Berkeley's Master of City Planning program this month! 

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