Opportunity360 identifies pathways to greater opportunity using cross-sector data, community engagement and measurement tools

Enterprise Community Partners introduces free, data-rich online platform to identify community challenges and solutions across housing, education, health and well-being, economic security and mobility

COLUMBIA, Md. (Sept. 26, 2017) – Opportunity360, a new online platform that measures the extent to which neighborhoods have access to opportunity and helps identify investments that improve lives and communities, is now available to the public for free.

Introduced today by Enterprise Community Partners Inc. (Enterprise), Opportunity360 enables users to create one-click Measurement Reports that provide the framework and data necessary to assess both the available pathways to opportunity and the outcomes of opportunity in any neighborhood in the country.

“Opportunity360 equips Enterprise and our partners with a dramatically improved understanding of the strengths and needs of any neighborhood,” said Terri Ludwig, president & CEO, Enterprise. “Thanks to this holistic picture of factors that shape opportunity in a place, investors, policymakers, philanthropists, activists and advocates can better target their work in crucial areas like reducing poverty and inequality and making transformative community investments. Every community can benefit from Opportunity360.”

Opportunity360 draws on more than 200 indicators organized around five categories of opportunity outcomes—housing stability, education, health and well-being, economic security and mobility—as well as resident feedback aggregated into one easy-to-use web-platform.

Rooted in the belief that our most pressing national challenges—in areas such as the economy, housing, education, healthcare, the environment and racial equity—are interconnected, Opportunity360 provides resources to strengthen cross-sector partnerships, engage community residents as co-creators of community transformation and provide technical assistance for community- and data-driven solutions.

“We may have the same goals in life, but not the same opportunities—and where you live deeply affects the life you can have,” added Tiffany Manuel, vice president, Knowledge, Impact & Strategy, Enterprise. “Every community has resources to build on. Opportunity360 allows us to understand what those are so we invest in the kinds of resources that expand pathways that improve outcomes for all.”

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