In recognition that stable, well-maintained housing is essential for creating healthy communities, Enterprise has launched a series of initiatives to ensure that the built environment promotes positive health outcomes. Nationwide, Enterprise has invested $250 million to promote health as a priority for the development and preservation of housing.

With the support of grant funding from JPMorgan Chase & Co., Enterprise New York launched the Brownsville Health + Housing Initiative in June 2018. The program connected a wide-range of Brownsville stakeholders – from developers to community-based organizations and tenants – with opportunities to leverage existing resources and know-how to improve health and housing outcomes of Brownsville residents.

In partnership with the Brownsville Community Justice Center, a youth-centered community outreach initiative, Enterprise developed a series of learning collaborative meetings for landlords and tenants to learn about healthy building management practices. For instance, with building pests as one of the primary triggers for asthma hospitalizations among children across the City, the program provides free Integrated Pest Management (IPM) services to landlords and tenants in Brownsville. IPM uses a range of pest control methods rather than relying on pesticide application, promoting healthier and greener practices.   

Click here for more information on Enterprise’s continued commitment to health and housing.

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