Home & Hope Mapping Tool will Accelerate Development of Affordable Housing with Early Learning Centers

Online database from Enterprise Community Partners displays underutilized public and tax-exempt sites for development

SEATTLE (October 4, 2018) – A new mapping tool will help developers, nonprofits, elected officials, and public agencies identify tax-exempt sites owned by public agencies and nonprofits in King County, Washington, especially suited for the development of affordable homes with early learning centers. 

The new Home & Hope Site Mapping Tool (Mapping Tool) from Enterprise Community Partners Inc.’s (Enterprise) Home & Hope initiative will deepen Enterprise’s ability to deliver on the initiative’s mission to provide a useful resource that will ultimately result in more affordable homes connected to quality education for young children.

Stable, affordable housing and quality education establish a foundation for economic opportunity, and as Seattle grows, space for affordable housing and early childhood education centers is becoming scarce. Public and tax-exempt lands can increase the supply of developable space and provide a valuable avenue for overcoming obstacles in the development process.  

“Affordable homes and quality education are both critical for preparing children for success,” said James Madden, senior program director, at Enterprise. “The Home & Hope Site Mapping Tool builds on the experience and expertise of designers, developers, educators, policy makers and funders to guide and accelerate the development process and provide access to the crucial combination of home and early learning.”

Developed in partnership with Futurewise, the Mapping Tool allows developers, nonprofits, elected officials, and public agencies looking to develop affordable homes and early learning centers to view site locations, filter for criteria, export a list of candidates, view data summaries, and link through to the King County Parcel Viewer and Enterprise Opportunity360 for more information and next steps.

The tool includes filters for: 
•    Location
•    Site attributes
•    Proximity to other uses like transit
•    Eligibility for financing tools like the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit or Opportunity Zones
•    Owner agency types

“Ensuring that surplus public land is used for the highest and best public benefit – namely affordable housing – is one of the most important ways we can reduce the cost of building housing and make our City work for all our residents,” said Teresa Mosqueda, chair of the Seattle City Council housing committee. “I am proud that we have been able to update policies in Seattle to reflect this need, and am excited for this new tool from Enterprise, which will provide key insight and data not only on public land, but all tax-exempt land that may be suitable to build homes. With this, we will be able to find more strategic and cost-effective solutions to affordable housing development in Seattle and King County!”

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