Next Generation of Enterprise Green Communities Criteria Will Deepen Commitment to Health and Equity

Enterprise Community Partners begins Criteria update process

COLUMBIA, Md. (September 7, 2018) – Harnessing the latest technological advances and lessons learned from 15 years of leadership in bringing the health, economic and environmental benefits of green affordable homes to residents nationwide, Enterprise Community Partners Inc. is beginning the process of updating its pioneering Enterprise Green Communities Criteria.

The only national green building standard designed explicitly for affordable housing, the updated Criteria will be released in 2020 and promote the following: 

  • Resident health through design, construction and operations strategies to ensure that all homes are safe, healthy places for all generations
  • Equity and enhanced access to opportunity for residents, particularly related to health, housing stability and physical mobility (i.e. walk/bike-ability, access to transit)
  • Cost-effective methods and materials that improve building performance 
  • Preserving and enhancing neighborhood contexts in an environmentally sensitive manner
  • Resilience to chronic stressors such as drought, rising sea level, and high temperatures as well as resilience to extreme-weather disasters

Since 2004, Enterprise Green Communities has led the effort to integrate green practices into the affordable housing development sector, investing $3.9 billion to create or preserve more than 127,000 green, healthy homes while transforming policies at the state, local and national level.  

Since its inception, the Criteria have been updated on a regular cycle, with a collaborative group of national leaders.  Housing owners, green building experts, policy makers, and peer organizations provide critical input on the content and structure of the Criteria.  For example, key advisors who guided Enterprise through the process of more holistically integrating health into the most recent Criteria, updated in 2015, include the Health Impact Project, the U.S. Green Building Council, the University of Virginia School of Medicine,  the American Heart Association, and the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. 

“We introduced Enterprise Green Communities Criteria in 2004 to improve the lives of residents through a clear, cost-effective framework for improving the quality of all affordable housing development types across the country,” said Laurel Blatchford, president, Enterprise. “We’ve learned from experience that green and affordable can be one and the same and deliver health, economic and environmental benefits not only to residents of affordable homes but to the larger community. We’re excited to begin the latest process of updating the Criteria and will be sharing news in the coming weeks about new partnerships to deepen our commitment to creating healthy, equitable, climate strong communities nationwide.”

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