Social Return on Investment

When you invest in the Enterprise Community Impact Note, you are supporting the creation of vibrant and equitable communities where families have access to healthy, affordable homes connected to good schools, jobs, transit and health care services. This is your Social Return on Investment.

These are the stories of people who are prospering thanks to your support. They are residents and patients at CAMBA Gardens in New York City and Stout Street Health Center and Lofts in Denver. Full impact case studies can be found in our Social Return on Investment report.

Beverly first sought treatment at Stout Street Health Center during an extreme moment of vulnerability – she was living in her car and suffering from a chronic illness. At the Health Center she feels valued as a person, and knows that the staff is championing her long-term health and recovery. 



Rand knows from his time living on the street that a stable home, like the one he now enjoys at CAMBA Gardens, is essential for homeless people aspiring to improve their lives. He said, “Homelessness is what your situation is, it doesn’t have to be what your mindset is.”



Since moving to Stout Street Lofts, Ann has been able to better manage her disability and spend more time with her six-year old special-needs daughter who was homeless the first four years of her life. Although Ann’s husband had a job, they could not afford the escalating cost of rent, and became homeless and were alternating between living in shelters and in motels.



After losing the home they once owned, Serena and her husband lived in a family shelter for four years. Sadly, Serena’s husband passed away shortly after moving to CAMBA Gardens, but she remains positive. She hopes that by sharing her story, she can help others who are going through a difficult time.



The staff at Stout Street Health Center call Edward by the same nickname as his friends do: Ozzie. That’s because he has been a patient for more 12 years. Ozzie has benefitted from medical treatment from the Colorado Coalition of the Homeless and says he will never go anywhere else.



Lemora became homeless as a teenager and had spent years going back and forth between living in shelters and on the streets. A park employee who found her sleeping in the park pointed her to a homeless outreach organization. Thanks to that advice, Lemora now lives in a safe, affordable home at CAMBA Gardens, a new development in Brooklyn which is featured in our Social Return on Investment.


Read stories of people featured in our 2015 Social Return on Investment Report.