What is Keep Safe Miami?

Keep Safe Miami, developed by Enterprise Community Partners and the City of Miami, equips affordable housing owners and operators with tools to assess their buildings' resilience to climate change and natural disasters, and provide them with actionable strategies and guidance on financing to address these vulnerabilities.

Keep Safe Miami includes four components:

For Developers

  • Portfolio Protect - analyze the risks and identify the most and least resilient properties in a portfolio.
  • Building Protect - evaluate specific needs of properties and identify resilience strategies at the building level through site assessments.
  • Funding Resources Guide - provide information to affordable owners and portfolio managers about available resources as they work to secure capital to implement relevant resilience strategies.

For Residents

  • Training - Residents will soon be able to sign up to receive free training on disaster preparedness, as well as actions they can take to increase their energy efficiency and save on costs.

Access Keep Safe Miami Tools and Guides

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Additional Resilience Resources

Keep Safe: A Guide for Resilient Housing Design in Island Communities
Ready to Respond: Strategies for Multifamily Building Resilience

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What's at Stake?

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For owners of multiple properties of affordable housing (portfolio owners), even one damaged building can undermine the financial health and integrity of a portfolio. Any resulting property loss or extensive repairs can significantly impact the ability of residents to have a safe and healthy home, and lead to displacement of families and economic distress across entire communities.

Why South Florida?

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South Florida is home to approximately 43,000 multifamily affordable housing units, many located in the Miami area. The impacts of climate change and extreme-weather conditions are increasing, and a number of these units are aging, without consideration of climate related risks. In addition, the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach metro area added approximately 181,000 new residents to the 100-year floodplain over the period ending in 2016, the most of any region nationally.

Who's Involved

Keep Safe Miami was developed in partnership with the City of Miami, Florida Housing Coalition, South Florida Community Development Coalition, Miami-Dade County, City of Miami BeachCommunities United, and IBTS, and made possible thanks to the generous support of JPMorgan Chase, Southeast Sustainability Directors NetworkRegions Bank and City National Bank.

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Learn More

Download the Keep Safe Miami fact sheet.

Please contact Sara Haas, Director, Enterprise Community Partners.

Enterprise is seeking to prequalify consultants to help housing owners, operators, and developers with the analysis, audit, and implementation components of the program. If you are a consultant and interested becoming a preferred provider, please download the RFQ.

Staff Contacts

Sara Haas

Director, Southeast
Enterprise Community Partners

Laurie Schoeman

Senior Program Director, National Initiatives, Resilience
Enterprise Community Partners