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In every corner of the nation, families are struggling to find an affordable place to live. We know this challenge is solvable. But only if we bring entrepreneurial market forces to bear to complement the policy and traditional market approaches that are effective but limited in their breadth due to resource constraints and timing. We believe the housing market is on the cusp of a transformational change. Together, we can create a system that ensures fairness and offers everyone a shot at success, starting with an affordable home.   

Through tech-enabled platforms, our new HousingTech initiative will unlock tremendous value that increases affordability toward reducing the nation’s shortage of 7 million-plus affordable homes – and aligns the market to strengthen our economy, creating a more viable path for families with low- and moderate incomes.


New Partnership, New Possibilities 

Enterprise has partnered with MetaProp, a leading PropTech venture capital firm, to co-explore and co-invest in HousingTech companies. 

  • How can we help people find new places to live that already exist but are not part of the formal housing stock (e.g., the 3.6 million empty bedrooms in the top 100 housing markets)? 
  • How can we enable home-buyers and renters to enter into new forms of tenure, whether it is fractional ownership or rental agreements that allow greater mobility and flexibility?
  • How can we overcome NIMBYism and other constraints on supply?
  • What new tools can provide better outcomes from regulatory structures that protect the public interest and unlock more supply on the market (whether new or repurposed)?
  • What new capital and credit structures can give more people access to the home-buying market and more predictability or even upside in the rental market? 

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