Updates on the Community Homes Redevelopment

Read the latest news and updates on the redevelopment of Community Homes in Columbia, Maryland.

Our Commitment

Enterprise Homes has a long-standing reputation for creating thoughtfully planned communities that deliver exceptional value and a quality of life that is unmatched. We are veteran developers of both new construction and rehabilitated communities, each tailored to create and preserve affordable rental housing for families and seniors.

We bring solid community planning, financing, construction management and marketing know-how to the development process, which results in high-quality, affordable, mixed-income and market-rate housing.

Enterprise is involved in every aspect of creating livable communities, from the concept stage through long-term ownership. In fact, Enterprise Homes has not sold any of the rental communities it has developed over its 30-year history.

We assemble the private and public financing to keep rent payments affordable for the long-term. And, upon completion, our subsidiary, R Home Property Management – a leader in the affordable housing industry managing properties throughout the Mid-Atlantic region – oversees our communities with great care to ensure they continue to deliver high-quality living environments where our residents can thrive.

The Vision for Community Homes

Every community is unique in its needs, wants and culture. We work with community residents and other stakeholders to ensure the creation of high-quality housing for people from all walks of life, and the development of communities where all residents have an opportunity to thrive.

Community Homes is composed of five communities in Columbia, Maryland:

  • Fall River Terrace
  • Ranelagh Court
  • Rideout Heath
  • Roslyn Rise
  • Waverly Winds

These communities were built in the late 1960s, and have provided affordable living to Columbia residents for more than 40 years. However, today these communities are aging, small, inaccessible and inefficient.

Our vision for Community Homes is to redevelop each site individually over an approximately 10-year period, beginning with demolition and building new, modern communities from the ground up.

The Enterprise Homes “signature style” is not a particular building type. Rather, it is a blending of form and function unique to each community and the residents it serves – in every case marked by careful attention to detail in the design of each apartment, community common area and green space.

Building an Integrated Community

An integrated community benefits both residents and the surrounding community. To that end, the new communities will include residents with a much greater range of incomes. This means that we will keep the Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) units and the affordable units, and build more units to accommodate an increase in non-income restricted or market-rate units.

Why include mixed-income homes? The income generated by these units will help to support the affordable rents. Plus, we believe that integrated properties benefit both residents and the surrounding community – this model is demonstrated to be much more sustainable over the long-term.

How This Will Impact Residents

Most importantly, no residents will be permanently displaced. Any resident who wants to return when the redevelopment is completed, can.

Some temporary relocation will likely be necessary. We do not yet have details on how this will work or how it will impact residents, but we will work closely with residents to resolve this important issue prior to redevelopment.

The redevelopment will not cause rents to go up for existing residents. Resident rents payments for voucher units will continue to depend on tenants’ incomes, and non-voucher units will continue to experience only the typical annual increases.

Where We Are in the Redevelopment Process

This will be a lengthy process, with many more regulatory steps to come, as well as community consultation.

Where we are right now in the process is the very first step: the process of amending Columbia’s Preliminary Development Plan (PDP). Amending the PDP will give us the proper zoning, and is the first step toward realizing our vision for the community.

The PDP amendment asks for an increase in residential units so we can redevelop the properties into mixed-income communities. The application will be reviewed by Howard County Planning staff, and will then go to public meetings at the Planning Board and the Zoning Board, the latter of which is the County Council.

Assuming the PDP amendment passes, multiple regulatory steps will follow, including the Final Development Plan and Site Development Plan. This is the stage where the specifics of each redevelopment project are hammered out.

To date, we have met twice each with the Wilde Lake and Harper’s Choice Village Boards and have held four meetings with the current residents of the Community Homes properties. On November 14, we hosted a pre-submission community meeting that was open to the public. We will continue to reach out to the Columbia community and Community Homes residents throughout this process.

This website will be updated as information becomes available. If you have any questions or comments, please email us at:

Thank you for interest and involvement in Community Homes!

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