Social Return on Investment

When you invest with the Enterprise Community Loan Fund, you help improve communities from the ground up. Our investors support the creation or preservation of well-designed, affordable homes and connections to good schools, jobs, transit and health care to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

In this Social Return on Investment report, we feature the stories of people who are reaching their potential – thanks to the support of those invested through Our Region, Your Investment. Living in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Arlington, Virginia, residents of Clarendon Court are connected to opportunity on many levels. They’re close to jobs, award-winning public schools, a strong transit system, and so much more.

Full impact case studies and stories can be found in our Social Return on Investment report, and its two-page Fact Sheet.

Meet the Clarendon Court Residents


Meet Jamie

Jaime works at an airport transportation company which requires him to drive to Washington, D.C.’s major airports – both of which are in Northern Virginia. He can easily commute to his job from Clarendon Court, and living in a home he can afford has allowed him to gain financial footing for his family while advancing his career. Jaime has taken on new responsibilities and challenges at his job while living at Clarendon Court, and is currently saving to buy a home.


Meet Lee

Lee and his wife are successfully juggling variable work schedules while raising a family of six, thanks in part to having a home they can afford at Clarendon Court. Lee came to the United States as a refugee, fleeing violence in his native Sudan (now South Sudan) and seeking a safe place to live and raise a family.

He found more than he hoped for in Arlington, Virginia, surrounded by  immense opportunity including an award-winning public-school system where his four children can build a foundation for success. Because the schools offer an extended day program at variable rates, Lee and other parents can maintain their work schedules which eliminates the stress of finding affordable after-school childcare.


Meet Rabindra

Rabindra came to the United States from Nepal, and even though he already had his Bachelor’s degree it was not sufficient to compete for the jobs he wanted. So today he balances working at a deli while pursuing his degree in the states in the hopes of one day working in cybersecurity. Having an affordable home allows him to pay tuition, and he can easily commute to work and school without a car thanks to the multiple public transit options close to Clarendon Court.


Meet MD

After moving to the United States, MD worked hard delivering pizza and working at a gas station to save money. After a decade, MD became a small business owner but was quickly forced to close during the recent economic downturn.

He and his family spent years moving among the homes of friends and community members, until he discovered Clarendon Court. Now, MD has a strong foundation. He’s able to afford his rent while rebuilding his finances.


Meet Rebecca

Rebecca works at an international nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting peace in conflict zones around the world. As an employee of a small nonprofit, she finds her job to be rewarding but lives on a limited budget and without a car. For Rebecca, having a home that is affordable and close to public transit is vital. She loves the freedom she feels living in a neighborhood where everything she needs is within walking distance, and she is within a five-minute walk of public transit which connects her to her job in downtown Washington, D.C.