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For decades, Enterprise has helped people and communities minimize and prepare for the impacts of climate events. And when disaster struck, we were there then too – helping them recover and build back stronger, more efficiently and better able to withstand the effects of our changing climate.

Along the way, we’ve gained valuable knowledge on how to minimize the impact of weather-related events, and we’re using that expertise to inform our resiliency tools. As we work toward long-term recovery and rebuilding after natural disasters, we’ll continue to equip communities with the technical resources they need to become – and remain – prepared.

No two disasters are alike, but the people whose lives and homes are affected all need the same thing – a safe and secure future, starting with an affordable home built to be resilient.

Stay connected with Enterprise and join our efforts to make homes and communities stronger, more equitable and better prepared in the face of disaster.

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What's New

2020 Green Communities Criteria

The 2020 Criteria is the latest version of the guidelines, first introduced in 2005. Updates include a Path to Zero Energy, new water-quality standards, and a new approach to affordable housing in rural areas, tribal communities and small towns. Join us on this journey as we adapt to a changing climate, promote health and well-being and build a more equitable future.

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What's New

Business Continuity Toolkit for Affordable Housing Organizations

Disaster can strike at any time, and a poorly managed response can put property and lives at risk. This Toolkit equips multifamily affordable building owners & managers with a plan to address crisis.

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What's New

Keep Safe: Virtual Training Series on Climate Safe Homes

Join a team of leaders from across Puerto Rico to introduce attendees to the sequence of steps necessary for resilient home design, construction and operation before during and after an extreme weather event. Available simultaneously in Spanish and English, the six-series training program will highlight best practices in the areas of: site fortification, building protection, passive habitability, water and energy management, community preparedness and more.

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Mitigate Risk
Understand risk, fortify your home/property, build capacity, and update operational guidelines.

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Get Ready for Impact
Update readiness plans, pack a “Go Bag”, ensure back up systems are in place and align communications.

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Disaster Strikes
Execute readiness plans, understand & apply for relief, and check on safety of staff and buildings' condition.

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Build Better
Ensure equitable recovery, utilize best building practices, and draw from the inherent strength in communities.

A Minute with Laurie Schoeman: Hurricane Season

Homes and communities nationwide shouldn’t have to brace and hope for the best before each weather-related event. Enterprise’s Laurie Schoeman shares how we help neighborhoods be prepared. 

Hurricane Season
A Minute with Laurie Schoeman: Hurricane Season
How We Help

As a proven and powerful nonprofit, Enterprise brings a wealth of knowledge and technical resources. We also offer access to a wide range of capital to help communities recover and rebuild.

When we work with communities to rebuild homes, we also rebuild futures. By identifying the unique needs of each community, we help make homes and surrounding communities stronger. And we pass on our know-how to community leaders, local decision makers and developers so that our knowledge lives on in the places its needed most.

In many communities where we’ve helped, we have long-standing relationships with housing and community leaders plus dedicated staff on the ground who form strong ties with local organizations.

Enterprise played a significant role after Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf Coast region and Superstorm Sandy in New York.

More recently, following catastrophic weather events in 2017, Enterprise created the Enterprise Hurricane Recovery Fund. To date we have provided $1 million in urgently needed grants to community organizations.

Our robust policy advocacy ensures federal resources reach people and communities in the greatest need.

As a trusted advisor to members of Congress and the administration, we advocate on behalf of low-income people and communities recovering and rebuilding after disasters – informing federal, state and local policy.

Our experienced policy team helps:

  • Highlight the need for dedicated technical assistance and capacity building for governments and nonprofits receiving federal funds and interfacing with federal rebuilding programs
  • Develop and share best practices on the administration of federal funds
  • Advocate for smarter standards to ensure the billions of dollars spent on rebuilding will not put people, property and taxpayer dollars at risk from future natural events.

We work collaboratively with our partners and the communities they serve, tailoring our services to the unique challenges and opportunities wherever we work.

  • Navigate federal regulatory requirements: We bring technical expertise and knowledge of federal agencies and programs like CDBG-DR, New Markets Tax Credits, etc.
  • Streamlined implementation: Our extensive experience working with HUD and other funders ensures programs move forward effectively and recovery and rebuilding proceed on schedule.
  • Tailored strategies: Our teams comprehensively assess communities’ specific mid- and long-term disaster recovery needs.
  • Continuum of services: We deliver best practices and insights at each stage of a community’s recovery and rebuilding efforts.
  • Enhanced local capacity: We focus on the long-term sustainability of affordable housing and community development systems and networks.


Blog Post

FEMA releases NOFO for Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities Program

FEMA has posted the FY20 Hazard Mitigation Assistance NOFOs for the Flood Mitigation Assistance grant program and the new Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities pre-disaster mitigation grant programs.
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Supporting Residents and Communities During Record Setting Wildfires

California has previously dealt with fires, but the devastation during a public health crisis makes it even more difficult to ensure the safety of people who have lost their homes and have been evacuated.
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