As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to unfold, Enterprise Community Loan Fund is working with our partners across the country to help navigate these uncertain times. We will be providing regular updates on resources on this page.

Enterprise Community Loan Fund President Lori Chatman Details Support to Communities and Partners

“The pain and fallout from any crisis is never felt equally, and this one will be no different. All of us – regardless of location, job, race or socioeconomic status – are facing new realities in our everyday lives since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, but we are already seeing how the least fortunate among us, those least positioned to withstand a shock, are disproportionately impacted.” Read her letter.

Enterprise Community Loan Fund President Lori Chatman signs "An Open Letter From CDFI Leaders to our Supporters"

"CDFIs are responding to borrowers in crisis in communities from coast to coast. Each of our organizations is fielding dozens of calls a day from borrowers struggling with how to survive lost revenue and canceled programming, how to keep people employed, and even whether to close their doors entirely." Read the letter.

Enterprise Community Loan Fund Awarded $250,000 Grant from Bank of America

With this working capital, Enterprise Community Loan Fund will help organizations cover insurance and other property-related operating costs. Loan Fund was invited to apply to Bank of America's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which includes $10 million in philanthropic grants to help fund the operations of CDFIs, including those involved in handling the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program.

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