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Proven Local Strategies for Expanding the Supply of Affordable Homes and Addressing Cost Challenges

A new Enterprise white paper highlights proven strategies for boosting the supply of affordable housing and reducing costs. It draws on the successes of some of the country’s most expensive areas to offer guidance to communities working to address the scarcity of affordable homes and the rising cost of development.
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New Enterprise Research: Navigating Federal Transportation Policy to Promote eTOD

Federal transportation policies and programs can have a significant impact on the creation of local equitable transit-oriented development (eTOD), as we detail in our new report, Navigating Federal Transportation Policy. These policies and programs generally provide several funding and technical assistance opportunities that can support eTOD. Furthermore, a wide range of policies and incentives that do not explicitly address eTOD can support or detract from conditions that make such development possible.
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New Enterprise Case Study - Public Benefit from Publicly Owned Parcels: Advancing Implementation in the Puget Sound Region

Building on the Enterprise Publicly Owned Parcels research initiative, this is a case study that addresses six challenges associated with the publicly owned parcel development process in the region, with the goal of providing recommendations that would help the region’s public agencies expand their efforts to coordinate and ensure that effective policies and adequate resources are in place to facilitate more equitable development.
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Just Released: Our 2016 Annual Report

Our 2016 annual report is now online. See how we are helping people like the Vega family secure a safe, healthy and well-designed affordable place to call home connected to opportunity.
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Los Angeles: Final Stop for the Millennial Trains Project

In Los Angeles, government is struggling with two interconnected issues: Adequately provide homes and services for a growing number of its residents, and leveraging investments in public transit in order to address worsening traffic congestion. Enterprise Community Partners and Abt Associates assisted the city in creating and implementing a Transit-Oriented Consolidated Plan (ConPlan) which integrates and maximizes transit, community, economic and housing development investments. The ConPlan is innovative in its approach in twinning transit and housing resources. It also serves as a great model for other cities struggling with these same issues - it’s the first in the nation to adopt a coordinated, place-based approach with a focus on equitable transit-oriented development.
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Albuquerque: Stop 4 for the Millennial Trains Project

Happening Now: Groundbreaking Imminent for the ART Just two weeks ago, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) gave Albuquerque the green light to move ahead with its Albuquerque Rapid Transit, or ART, project which will be the first all-electric bus rapid transit system in America. Construction was originally slated to begin in May, but has been postponed due to multiple preliminary and permanent injunctions sought by ART opponents. This ART Mythbuster document was published by the City last week; the questions are illustrative of the objections to the project.
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Chicago: Stop 2 for the Millennial Trains Project

Although Chicago continues to lose its population throughout the city, development near transit has helped to double its downtown population. This growth has mostly been driven by young, affluent renters, whose desire to live in the city has impacted house...
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