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New Enterprise Case Study - Public Benefit from Publicly Owned Parcels: Advancing Implementation in the Puget Sound Region

Building on the Enterprise Publicly Owned Parcels research initiative, this is a case study that addresses six challenges associated with the publicly owned parcel development process in the region, with the goal of providing recommendations that would help the region’s public agencies expand their efforts to coordinate and ensure that effective policies and adequate resources are in place to facilitate more equitable development.
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Affordable Housing Design Leadership Institute Project Wins Design Award Ahead of 8th Annual AHDLI Next Week

What serendipitous timing is was to learn, as we prepare for the 8th annual Affordable Housing Design Leadership Institute (AHDLI) next week in Boston, that Marion West, a development project of Seattle-based Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) that was brought to the 2012 AHDLI at Parsons School of Design had recently won the Gold Nugget Award Grand Prize for Best Residential Project for 2017 (attached housing) and the Best Affordable Housing Award (for projects 100 du/or more) from the Pacific Coast Builders Conference.