June 23, 2020

Your June 2020 Top 5 Updates

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1. Black Lives Matter: Enterprise Colleagues Reflect on This Moment

As our country cries out against the many forms of structural racism that we’ve witnessed and continue to witness, we invited colleagues across Enterprise to pause and share what’s in their hearts and on their minds. We hope these writings inspire and provide a way into dialogue, and ultimately action, for all of us here at Enterprise, in your communities and across our industry.

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2. Enterprise Community Partners Names First Chief Operating Officer

Drew Warshaw will serve as the first Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the Enterprise family of companies. As COO, he  will oversee the implementation of our forthcoming five-year strategic plan and leverage the full range of Enterprise’s capabilities in support of our mission. Enterprise CEO Priscilla Almodovar says of Drew, "He is fiercely committed to our mission and has all the tools to make a difference. We’re thrilled to have him."

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3. Enterprise Green Communities Brings Design and Construction Solutions to the Covid-19 Crisis

The 2020 Enterprise Green Communities Criteria provides many opportunities for affordable housing professionals to play a critical role in influencing how our spaces can support health. Lauren Westmoreland has highlighted a few that are especially relevant to the Covid-19 pandemic, including accessing necessary services, creating healthy indoor environments and communicating and engaging with residents.  

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4. Rating Your Property's Climate Risk With the New Enterprise Portfolio Protect Tool

We developed the Enterprise Portfolio Protect Tool to help affordable housing owners, operators, developers and residents across the nation understand which properties are at highest risk from flooding, fire, earthquakes, rising sea levels and landslides. The tool provides a climate risk score so owners can identify buildings that are more vulnerable to climate change effects and natural hazards and prioritize their rehabilitation schedule to protect those buildings.

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5. Get Ready to Meet Our $2 Million Grant Finalists

There’s a major milestone ahead for the Housing Affordability Breakthrough Challenge. On June 30, the challenge – administered by Enterprise with generous financial support from Wells Fargo – will announce the 15 finalists moving on to the challenge’s final round to pitch their idea before a panel of judges in late August. Visit HousingBreakthrough.org to learn more and subscribe to get the latest challenge news and announcements.

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Plus, Our Upcoming and Recent Webinars and Online Events

We know that so many of the conferences on your calendar are now on hold. Check out our recent and upcoming webinars and virtual events. 

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