March 20, 2018

Your Five Top Reads for March

Top Five Topics for March

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1. States Urged to File for Opportunity Zones Extension Before March 21 Deadline

Opportunity Zones designations, once approved, will remain in place over the next decade, so we recommend requesting the 30-day extension to allow further time for consideration and decision-making. Our interactive mapping tool and other resources can help guide and inform these decisions

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2. Safer and Stronger Cities: Strategies for Advocating for Federal Resilience Policy

This report, created with 100 Resilient Cities, offers strategies for advocating for federal resilience policy. Each chapter includes a set of recommendations, background on the issue, explanations of the role of the Federal Government, listing of potential allies in advocating for the recommendations, and relevant examples of current or previous local, state, and federal actions.

Also be sure to check out our other Disaster Recovery and Rebuilding resources.

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3. Promoting Opportunity through Equitable Transit-Oriented Development: Navigating Federal Transportation Policy

A new report by Ahmad Abu-Khalaf provides stakeholders involved in achieving equitable transit-oriented development (eTOD), such as public entities, developers and practitioners, guidance on understanding and benefitting from federal transportation policies and programs. It can be particularly helpful for housing practitioners, who may be less familiar with these resources and how to access them.

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4. Building Blocks Podcast: Tenants' Rights and Anti-Displacement Advocacy

The podcast, hosted by Laurel Blatchford, is a space for thought-provoking conversations about the current issues, trends, ideas and big questions facing the affordable housing and community development field in the United States.  

In the third episode, Laurel talks with Melinda Pollack about the complex affordable housing climate in Denver as a result of its rapid growth and limited, aging housing stock. Melinda also shares examples of the grassroots efforts to prevent community displacement in Denver. 

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5. The Elephant in the Region: Charting a Path for Bay Area Metro to Lead a Bold Regional Housing Agenda

This paper by Heather Hood and Geeta Rao examines how the Bay Area could transform its collective ability to deliver affordable housing through the creation, resourcing, and staffing of a new regional housing entity at Bay Area Metro. The integration of the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) into Bay Area Metro provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a stable foundation for regional housing solutions.

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