August 21, 2019

Your Five Top Reads for August

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1. Open for Comment: 2020 Enterprise Green Communities Criteria

Fifteen years after the creation of the Enterprise Green Communities Criteria, a set of groundbreaking environmental standards for affordable homes, we're on the path to carbon neutrality (net-zero emissions). We're pleased to announce that the 2020 Enterprise Green Communities Criteria, which reflects input from developers, policymakers, Green Communities staff and partners, is now open for public comment. Add your feedback by August 30!

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2. On the Path to Health Equity: Building Capacity to Measure Health Outcomes in Community Development  

Addressing persistent health disparities will require intentional partnerships between the community development field and the health care sectors.  Our report with NeighborWorks America describes the journey taken by 20 community-based organizations to acquire the language, evaluation tools and evidence to articulate the connection between their work and individual health outcomes. The report serves as a call to action for these two sectors to join forces in finding scalable solutions to the complex community challenges that are the root causes of many of the health disparities we see today.

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3. Challenges and Opportunity in Rural Communities    

This new blog series, authored by Ann Myatt James, Ph.D., highlights challenges experienced by rural residents and innovative solutions provided by our partners. Each post focuses on a dimension of Enterprise’s Opportunity360 framework. Browse through each of the posts below: 

Housing Stability Education Health and Well-being Economic Security Mobility

4. Lori Chatman in Forbes: Why You Should Move Your Money to Impact Investing 

Senior Vice President Lori Chatman talks to Forbes about the benefits of impact investing  benefits to investors and the community. For example, on the financial return side, investing in housing that is affordable for low- and moderate-income families is not susceptible to market cycles. On the impact side, such investments enable parents to spend more time with their children and less time working multiple jobs to afford a home.  

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5. A Glance at the Updated Opportunity360 Housing Stability Profiles 

Our updated Housing Stability Profiles provide an in-depth, custom analysis of the demographics, affordability, supply gap and other critical data related to housing in your specific geography. Learn about the effects of housing stability on a local level, gain insight on residents' experiences and even analyze how affordable housing is impacting vulnerable families.

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