February 2, 2020

Top 5 News and Updates From January 2021

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1. Webinar: Expanding Homeownership in Rural Communities

Join us for a series of conversations with each of our Housing Affordability Breakthrough Challenge winners and other leading voices from the housing sector and beyond. Together in dialogue, we’ll delve into the research, policies and practices that inform and drive each of these six innovations in their respective communities and nationwide. From carbon-saving construction to trauma-informed resident services, our six breakthrough ideas are taking shape and gaining traction in communities across the country. Offering insights on the quest to solve the nation’s housing affordability crisis, these innovations are actively advancing racial equity, integrating technology and promoting sustainable practices to address climate challenges.

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2. Webinar: Building to Heal: A Framework for Holistic Community Development

Join us to discuss why a healing-centered approach to community development is so essential. This framework focuses on a holistic understanding of health and the processes that relieve stress, achieve acceptance, promote hope and restore relationships and provides guidance on how to practice being in the right relationship with ourselves, each other, and the land for which we are stewards – especially regarding the development of brick and mortar. The framework strives to go beyond racial justice and anti-racist strategies, aspiring to the notion of Black liberation within the housing and community development fields. 

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3. Enterprise and Partners Launch the Ready to Respond: Business Continuity Toolkit

The free guide was created specifically for affordable multifamily housing organizations of all sizes. The toolkit helps users develop comprehensive disaster staffing plans to protect buildings while engaging residents and maintaining continuity of service. The basic components of the plans include the creation of a common operating picture, situational awareness, operational periods, coordination, communication and information sharing, all bunded together as easy-to-use, customizable templates. 

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4. 2021 Affordable Housing Playbook: Enterprise's Policy Priorities

From solutions to the Covid-19 housing disaster to eliminating racial disparities in the housing market, our playbook includes 47 results-driven recommendations the Biden-Harris Administration and Congress should implement to ensure safe, stable and affordable housing for all Americans. Together we can ensure that millions more of Americans do not end up homeless and that homeowners are not left without a lifeline – including the nearly 40 million Americans who could face eviction and foreclosure proceedings when the recently extended moratorium ends on March 31.

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5. Webinar: Achieving Greater Resilience With Keep Safe Miami

We all want to make sure our residents are safe and protected from climate events. And we know it’s much less costly to protect our affordable housing properties before disaster strikes than to have to repair or rebuild them from scratch. KEEP SAFE MIAMI will equip affordable housing owners and operators with tools to assess their buildings' resilience to climate change and natural disasters and provide actionable strategies and guidance on financing to address these vulnerabilities.

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