June 25, 2018

Second Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Advocacy Day Another Success! 

On May 16, California Housing Partnership (CHPC), Enterprise Community Partners, Housing California and TransForm led a successful advocacy day for the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Program. Joined by local partners, the group met with seven offices at the California State Legislature and received positive feedback and support for the affordable housing and transit program. 

The purpose of the advocacy day was to continue building support for AHSC and to cultivate champions in preparation for the strong likelihood of cap-and-trade funding being revisited under new leadership next year. Legislators expressed support for AHSC maintaining funding given the ongoing statewide need for more affordable housing, and that the AHSC program has demonstrated success at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing vehicle miles traveled and investing in disadvantaged communities.

AHSC Lobby Day May 2018.jpgPictured, left: Enterprise, CHPC, Housing California, and TransForm staff were joined by local partners for the Advocacy Day including Claudia Monterrosa, Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department director of public policy and research. 

AHSC local partners shared how the program has led to new, cross-sector partnerships and innovative investments that respond to community needs. Partners also articulated the importance of the program’s stability and predictability as affordable housing developers and localities prepare their project pipelines with AHSC funding in mind. 
With the support of statewide partners, Enterprise will be launching an advocacy campaign to keep AHSC funded. It will be critical that AHSC is on every legislator’s mind when the cap-and-trade discussions begin under the new governor to ensure the largest state-funded affordable housing program stays intact and continues to provide significant housing and transit benefits to communities statewide. Partners should stay tuned for future action alerts and opportunities to support the AHSC campaign!

For questions about the AHSC advocacy work, please contact Sarah Brundage, policy director, at sbrundage@enterprisecommunity.org. 
For questions about the AHSC program and Enterprise’s TA practice, please contact Sally Greenspan, senior AHSC TA director, at sgreenspan@enterprisecommunity.org.

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