June 6, 2017

PauseLab's C’Ville Galaxy

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PauseLab's C’Ville Galaxy

Enterprise’s Collaborative Action Grants provide organizations with $5,000 to build community agency, engage local voices and connect to long-term community goals. Round two of the 2017 Collaborative Actions grant cycle is open now. Apply by June 9, 2017.

In this blog post, PauseLab, one of 15 recipients of an Enterprise Collaborative Action Grant in 2016, talks about how their C'Ville Galaxy Collaborative Action responded to community needs and will have a long-term impact in Charlottesville, Virginia.

How did this Collaborative Action capture the spirit of your community?

Charlottesville is a city filled with creative people that are looking to make an impact on their community. C'Ville Galaxy tapped into this energy by allowing a host of community collaborators, from adults to teens to artists and city council members, to play a role in achieving something greater than themselves and do so collectively as a community. While the project resulted in the creation of a 30-foot x 10-foot foot tall cardboard rocket, C'Ville Galaxy was about much more than just creating the physical object., It was about coming together as a community to realize our dreams about the future of this city. The project served as a listening platform to learn about the ideas that residents have for Charlottesville.

PauseLab C'ville Galaxy 2.jpg


How did this contribute to increased capacity for your local community?

C'Ville Galaxy contributed to the capacity of our community in several ways. First, it showed that youth can and should play an important role in the development of community-based projects like this one. We worked with a host of teens and students who brought unique creativity and vibrancy to the project, and became leaders of the effort. The project also allowed us to build strategic partnerships with other organizations to magnify the impact each organization hoped to have on the community. This was accomplished by combining our energies to reach broader, more diverse audiences. The final way that C'Ville Galaxy increased capacity was by showing how local resources could be maximized and put to use in new, inventive ways. We were able to gain access to locally available equipment, materials, and experience that showed the wealth of assets based in Charlottesville.

How did this Collaborative Action impact long-term neighborhood goals?

The neighborhood that we are working in has been undergoing a significant amount of change and will continue to do so over the coming years. Due to long term racial tension, this change is not going to be easy and there is concern about the long-term impact. C'Ville Galaxy, along with other initiatives, is a small blip in this overarching history. Yet, the project was a prime example for how the community can celebrate its diversity, work together to accomplish something important, and organize a community conversation about a vision for the city. This paradigm shift is something we are committed to fostering and will be pursuing over the coming years.

PauseLab C'ville Galaxy 1.jpg

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