February 25, 2020

Our February 2020 Top Five Stories

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1. How History Highlights Racial Disparities That Continue Today

In 1968 the Fair Housing Act declared it illegal for private individuals to discriminate based on race in the sale or rental of housing. It was considered a major milestone in black history – the last, in fact, prior to Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior’s assassination. Adrienne Norwood explores policies that kept black Americans disadvantaged decades ago that remain unresolved today

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2. President Trump Releases Budget Request for Fiscal Year 2021

On February 10, the White House released a $4.8 trillion budget request that outlines spending priorities for Fiscal Year 2021. Similar to this administration's past proposals, this budget seeks cuts to many critical housing and community development programs across agencies.

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3. New Opportunity360 Dashboards Provide Interactive View of Communities

Opportunity360 has partnered with mySidewalk to create a redesigned approach to measuring opportunity and understanding communities. This next-generation tool maintains many of the aspects that made Opportunity360's original Measurement Reports so successful, while also adding new features and indicators that respond to the needs of the field.

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4. Updated Field Guide for Cleanup of Flooded Homes

Our highly popular, illustrated step-by-step instructional guide for do-it-yourselfers and contractors is part of an effort to prevent mold-related health problems, save damaged homes and speed the recovery throughout the Gulf Coast region. It outlines a successful protocol for cleaning up mold based on a three-home demonstration in New Orleans.

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5. 2020 Enterprise Green Communities Criteria: An Overview

Our 2020 Green Communities Criteria builds on our enduring commitment to creating healthy, efficient and environmentally responsible affordable homes. The challenges of our new climate are many. That’s why the latest iteration of Green Communities includes a Path to Zero – a groundbreaking emissions-elimination strategy for multifamily housing – and provisions to help protect vulnerable communities before, during and after natural disasters.

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