December 15, 2020

Enterprise EARPS program invests over $1 million

Last Spring, as the world turned upside down with the growing reality and impacts of the public health crisis sparked by Covid, our team at Enterprise leapt into action to create the Emergency Action for Resident and Partner Stability (EARPS) program. At Enterprise we faced our own uncertainty of how we would fare in the pandemic, but despite our own challenges we knew we needed to act. Our team embarked on an ambitious fundraising effort, building upon our institutional and historic knowledge of our long-dormant partner sustainability program. As a result, we were able to fundraise and reallocate funding to create a program that would distribute millions of dollars across our 11 markets.

In the Pacific Northwest Market, we are proud to share that to date we have been able to award over $1 million dollars funding to 11 organizations! With funding from EARPS our goal is to support the continuity and financial stability of partner organizations through this public health and economic crisis, so that these organizations can continue to carry our community development and affordable housing activities to support their communities. The EARPS grant was developed to both assist in the continuity of the recipient organization, but to also identify and deliver tailored technical assistance needs.

The historical prevalence of racial inequity calls us to strategically invest in communities led by and serving people of color so that they can support their most pressing needs while ensuring that they are at the center of recovery efforts. We are proud to share that several of our awardees have black, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) leadership and that there is a focus on improving the outcomes of BIPOC individuals and communities. The time is now to make bold and meaningful investments in BIPOC communities as Covid has further highlighted disparities in life outcomes for communities of color. Our response to the pandemic must encourage a system that equitably responds to the disparities experienced by marginalized communities. 

As we work across a spectrum of housing and homelessness partners, from permanent supportive housing, lifting up and supporting BIPOC leaders and communities, to providing quality, sustainable and affordable housing options, we are confident that we can help shore up a strong foundation so that our communities can weather through the storm. This work would not be possible without the generous support of The Ballmer Group, Chase Bank, and Wells Fargo. 

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