June 30, 2020

Engaging and Connecting with Rezility

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Created in 2018, the free Rezility mobile app gives residents real-time access to the services and community they need to build a stable, secure future. Through Rezility, service and housing providers can gain access to a network of residents in need of their services and have a platform to share information to help residents searching for assistance.

In 2020, Rezility transitioned from incubation and piloting within the IT department of Enterprise Community Investment to a fully operationalized platform within Enterprise Community Development, Inc. Rezility has begun deployment within the entire portfolio of Enterprise Residential and continues to grow to the larger Enterprise Community Development portfolio through its Resident Services division – Community Impact Strategies.

Rezility’s Impact on Community Needs Nation-Wide

Now more than ever, it’s important for housing providers to share significant news, resources and information to residents. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, residents need to receive real-time, helpful information about their community. Deployed in the entirety of the Enterprise Residential portfolio, Rezility continues to connect residents to services and programs in their neighborhood such as food distribution sites, resources for seniors, online educational resources for children, crisis services and more. There is currently over 2500 active users.Through in-app service requests, residents can communicate with property management and improve day to day processes – especially during challenging times.

A friend told me about Rezility. It’s my go-to app and I look at my feed daily. It’s helped me connect with my neighbors and community resources, every day.” - Gerald, resident

Rezility provides a simple solution for communication challenges because it is directly installed on a smartphone. Communication can still be received by residents in the event they change their number or no longer check their emails. This year there have been over 57,537 screen views in the app and over 17,300 session starts which occur when a user engages with the app after a period of inactivity. Push notifications also immediately alert residents and encourages information sharing, polling and one-on-one communications between residents and property managers. Using Rezility, residents can send housing managers a message and have the confidence they have received it and will respond.

See how Rezility helps property managers connect the dots with residents in their communities and how residents use Rezility.

Rezility Highlights

Unlike other apps, Rezility provides a platform for residents to connect directly with service providers and housing providers. People who use Rezility can:

  • Conduct real-time polling and survey residents to assess needs and interests to better the community.
  • Easily track the interest and attendance at community events and track volunteer hours with QR Code creation and scanning functionality.
  • Share bulletin board posts’ informational details. Information is displayed in the app and sent to the user as a text, if they opt in.
  • Developments to Rezility Text and Rezility Voice will allow text-to-voice messages for users who do not have a smart phone.

Connect with Rezility Today

Rezility was developed by the Enterprise Community family of companies and is proudly serving our communities, every day. For more information or to get started with Rezility, contact 202-556-3552.


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