June 25, 2020

California's Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program Awards $552 Million

On June 25, the  Strategic Growth Council (SGC) approved awards totaling $552 million to 26 distinct Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) program applications throughout the state of California. The fifth round of funding is the largest since the program's inception, which has now awarded $1.7 billion through the program to date.  

Enterprise staff is deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to support applicant teams throughout the state, helping our partners to advance the most ambitious community-serving development across diverse locations and environments. This year, Enterprise was able to work with teams from Imperial County in the southeast to the Yurok Indian Housing Authority in Arcata on the north coast. Altogether, Enterprise’s AHSC TA team worked on 22 out of the 26 awarded applications this round.

Each AHSC applicant team is itself a diverse collaborative of housing developers, local government, transit agencies, technical assistance providers, community organizations and more. We applaud all the applicants for the creativity, tenacity and sheer effort that each and every team put into the application process. 

This year’s awards will continue to advance the program’s goals to build a more equitable, sustainable California. As described in the staff report, the awarded funds will lead to the creation of 2,563 new homes near transit, the vast majority of which will be deeply affordable. Each housing development will be paired with a wide array of community-serving investments, including new bike lanes, safer sidewalks and crosswalks, new and enhanced public transportation, urban greening and air pollution mitigation projects, free transit passes for residents, and programs focused on bicycle education, environmental justice, and green workforce development.  

Enterprise knows firsthand that applying to AHSC is extremely challenging and requires immense effort, and we recognize that the largest urban regions of the state have historically been more likely to be successful with the program.  Awards in these highly urbanized areas are providing much-needed housing and infrastructure in some of the highest cost and most environmentally impacted areas of the state, such as West Oakland and East LA, and investment in these areas is crucial and highly beneficial.  However, we support the goal of the AHSC program to achieve a regionally equitable distribution of resources, and we are committed to continuing to work with our partners and the State to develop strategies to ensure that widely diverse communities throughout the state can be successful with the program.  


Established in 2014, the AHSC Program funds infill development, sustainable transportation and programs that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. AHSC is funded by cap-and-trade auction proceeds through the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund. The program is administered by SGC and implemented by the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD).   

These awards conclude the fifth AHSC application round, which began officially with the Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) release in November 2019.  AHSC remains a competitive program; in round five, SGG received 55 proposals requesting a total of $1 billion. 

The AHSC Round Six NOFA will be released in fall 2020, with applications due in early 2021. Enterprise looks forward to continuing to provide comprehensive technical assistance to AHSC applicants statewide.  

For detailed information on the application review process and the awarded projects, please see the AHSC staff report.  

For more information on Enterprise’s AHSC Technical Assistance services, please contact: 
Julia Branco | Northern California | 415.400.0985 | jbranco@enterprisecommunity.org 
Sally Greenspan | Statewide Director | 415.400.0979 | sgreenspan@enterprisecommunity.org 
Alejandro Huerta | Southern California | 213.787.8217 | ahuerta@enterprisecommunity.org 
Kristine Williams | Central California | 209.441.6120 | kwilliams@enterprisecommunity.org 

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