The impacts of our changing climate worsen the affordable housing crisis, putting millions of households at risk of displacement.

We have heard from owners and operators that they want to make their properties more resilient to these environmental risks but are unsure what strategies could be both effective and affordable.

Enter Enterprise’s newest initiative, our Climate Resilience Academies.

These regional, cohort learning opportunities are for owners, operators and developers of multifamily affordable housing to engage with one another, content experts and local stakeholders to address the unique hazards of their region. Together, participants will identify critical vulnerabilities, offer solutions and technical assistance to improve portfolio resilience to future threats, and incorporate community resilience strategies.  

Focus areas

Focus areas will all be tailored to regional-specific needs, and will include:

  • Assessing portfolio risk.
  • Building and retrofitting new and existing housing.
  • Understanding federal assistance programs and how to access them.
  • Incorporating community engagement and cultural resilience strategies.

The pilot academy will begin this fall, taking place virtually in the Southeast, and traveling from there to other regions around the country.

Applications are open now for organizations in the Southeast – North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Florida –with a special focus on Georgia and Florida. Applications are due by Friday, August 27.

Apply Now

Resilience Academy selection criteria

  1. We’re looking for organization who are committed to building their resiliency muscle. It doesn’t matter where you are starting from, as long as your team is committed to attending online sessions, completing pre- and post-session assignments, and applying what you learn to real-life situations.
  2. It helps if your organization has a clear goal around resilience that you are trying to achieve. This could be a specific goal or need related to how the built environment can better respond to natural disasters, designing and/or retrofitting new or current properties, and/or navigating federal disaster resources. We’ll personalize your Technical Assistance around this goal.
  3. To us, resilience is more than just a building withstanding the forces of nature. We would like to see how your organization is committed to the resilience among your community and residents.

Program terms

The Resilience Academies are delivered at no cost to the participating organizations. What we expect in return is the following:

  • Participation: the Southeast Virtual Resilience Academy will consist of bi-weekly online sessions, beginning Thursday September 30 and continuing through the end of the year.
  • At least ONE person for each participating organization must attend ALL sessions.
  • Between sessions, participating cohort members will be encouraged to complete homework exercises to connect technical aspects learned during the sessions, to the realities of your work.
  • In addition, it is encouraged that other members of the organization are included in multiples sessions, depending on their roles and the session topics.
  • Reporting: Participants are asked to assist Enterprise is our efforts to evaluate the impact of the academy. The bulk of this participation will take the format of training evaluations, post-training surveys, etc. Every effort will be made to minimize the time and effort required by participants.
  • Work products: Any work products (i.e., reports, applications, etc.) developed through Enterprise-provided technical assistance would be shared with us in order to expand our understanding of best practices, both locally and nationally.
  • If you have any additional questions about this exciting new training opportunity, please let us know! You can contact Kate Deans, senior program coordinator.