Five bills resulting from the recommendations of the Affordable Housing Transformational Task Force are moving through the Colorado State Legislature, collectively allocating approximately $400 million in federal and state funds.

HB 1304 creates two grant programs administered by the Colorado Division of Housing (DOH). The first supports local governments and nonprofit entities engaged in activities related to increasing housing affordability and stability, and the second provides for local governments’ infrastructure upgrades and implementation of sustainable land use practices. SB 159 establishes a companion revolving loan fund to provide low-interest loans for many of the same activities supported in the grant program, with an emphasis on entities and projects that have experienced challenges accessing more traditional financing.

HB 1282 establishes a program incentivizing the production of modular and other types of manufactured homes, and SB 146 directs new funds to the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority’s Middle Income Access Program. Finally, SB 160 provides loan and grant funds to help mobile homeowners purchase their parks and ensure the long-term affordability of resident-owned communities. 

Enterprise is honored to be working with fellow advocates and policymakers to ensure the passage of bills that will meaningfully advance affordability and stability across our state, particularly for communities hurt most by the pandemic’s fallout.