March 17, 2020

2020 Mid-Session Legislative Update

The Enterprise Public Policy team works on state and local policy efforts across the country to increase local resources for affordable housing, use existing resources more effectively, ensure that rental housing stock is sustainable for the long-term and improve tenant protections.

While the Colorado legislature has currently suspended most work, we have been proud to collaborate with many of our legislative partners to advance many important bills this session and will continue our work to help more Coloradans access a safe and affordable place to call home.

Bill Title Description Lead Sponsors
HB1009 Suppressing Court Records of Eviction Proceedings Requires automatic suppression of court records related to eviction filings that do not proceed to judgment; enables suppression regardless of judgment if both parties agree. Rep. Jackson; Sen. Winter
HB1035 Programs to Develop Supportive Housing Services Establishes grant program to support communities developing supportive housing programs/projects, and gives the state legislative authority to apply for a Medicaid waiver to expand the scope of providers and care covered by Medicaid to include supportive services. Rep. Singer; Sen. Fields
HB1092 Reimbursement to Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) Requires Medicaid reimbursement to FQHCs for telemedicine and clinical pharmaceutical services, providing increased resources for outreach teams connected with FQHCs to meet the health needs of marginalized people, including those experiencing homelessness. Reps Caraveo, Will; Sens Rankin, Donovan
HB1332 Prohibiting Housing Discrimination Source of Income Prohibits discrimination against potential and current tenants based on a person's receipt and use of verifiable public or private housing assistance, grant or loan program, or other government supports; prohibits discrimination based on source of income in noticing/advertising properties. Reps Herod and Jackson; Sen. Fields
HB1335 CO Homeless Projection Tax CreditCO Homeless Projection Tax CreditCO Homeless Projection Tax Credit Rebrands current enterprise zone tax credit as the Homeless Contribution Tax Credit, a statewide 25% credit ($1 saved for every $4 donated) incentivizing capital campaign and operations contributions; moves program to DOH. Rep. Melton; Sen. Winter
HB1351 Local Government Authority Promote Affordable Housing Units Gives municipalities the authority to regulate new construction or redevelopment to promote the construction of new affordable housing, provided developers are given a menu of options. Reps Lontine and Gonzales-Gutierrez; Sens. Gonzales and Rodriguez
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