March 20, 2019

Your Five Top Reads for March: Untold Returns

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1. Untold Returns: Adventures in Impact Investing

Maybe you've already listened to our new podcast, or maybe this will be your first time. Untold Returns is a new impact investing show hosted by Bethany McLean. Listen as guests explore hidden investment opportunities that do well on a risk-adjusted basis – and also do good in the community. They reveal how impact investing can deliver the double bottom line that today's investors seek. 

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2. Episode 1: Exceeding Expectations

In episode 1, The GIIN’s Amit Bouri and Tideline’s Kim Wright-Violich talk about what investors might look for to uncover impact investment opportunities that make a difference. They also discuss generally accepted social environmental performance metrics used by impact investors around the world along with the annual survey of impact investors. 

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3. Episode 2: Holding on to Boomtown

Episode 2 brings together Karoleen Feng of MEDA, Enterprise's Rich Gross, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative's Caitlyn Fox and Rehana Nathoo of Spectrum Impact. They discuss how impact investors are using debt investments in San Francisco to help keep neighborhoods like the Mission District vibrant and affordable. Listen to learn about San Francisco's Housing Accelerator Fund, the Small Sites program, and Opportunity Zones. 

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4. Episode 3: Mile High Opportunity

Peter Lifari of Unison, Security Properties' Bryan Gongaware, Enteprise's Chris Herrmann and Joe Wishcamper of The Wishcamper Companies come together in episode 3 to highlight housing preservation in Denver as an impact investment approach. They talk about the role of equity investments in preservation efforts and how affordable housing is newly created, primarily through Low-Income Housing Tax Credits. 

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5. Why We Created Untold Returns

Impact investing is about making a difference and earning responsible returns. We want to spread the word that smart investments with a conscience work. So we created Untold Returns because to connect more capital with challenges in need of targeted investments will take greater awareness of investments with a double bottom line.

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