February 20, 2019

Your Five Top Reads for February

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1. Capital Magnet Fund Awards Enterprise Community Loan Fund $7.5 Million

Enterprise Community Loan Fund is among the 24 Community Development Financial Institutions and 14 nonprofit housing organizations that will receive a Capital Magnet Fund award from the U.S. Department of the Treasury's CDFI Fund. 

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2. Mind the Gap: Interactive Rental Affordability Maps

Where in the country – and at what income levels – is it toughest to find an affordable rental? We know that no family should be priced out of an affordable place to call home. This data highlights the need for more rental housing affordable to low-income households.

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3. Modest Funding Increases for Housing in Fiscal Year 2019; Budget Deal Needed for Fiscal Year 2020

Prolonged negotiations around fiscal year (FY) 2019 spending levels have finally come to a close, with Congress and the administration approving a spending package that funds nine federal agencies through the end of FY 2019, including the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Agriculture and Department of Treasury.

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4. Opportunity Zones: Lori Chatman Testifies, Urging Transparency and Accountability

Enterprise Community Loan Fund President Lori Chatman testified before the IRS on the proposed rule for Investing in Qualified Opportunity Funds. Chatman urged the IRS to ensure that there is transparency and accountability in the rules implementing the new Opportunity Zones tax benefit so that stakeholders, including Congress and the public, can evaluate the impacts and outcomes of investment in low-income communities.

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5. For the First Time, Socially-Engaged Artists Eligible for Enterprise Rose Fellowship

The Enterprise Rose Fellowship partners emerging architectural designers and – for the first time – socially-engaged arts and cultural practitioners with local community development organizations to facilitate an inclusive approach to development that results in green, sustainable, and affordable communities. Applications for the next class of Enterprise Rose Fellows are due April 14.

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