December 7, 2018

New York Gotham Society Hosts Volunteer Event for Blind Seniors

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Gotham members Will Scofield and Michael Mejia with two seniors at the volunteer event

Last month, the Enterprise Gotham Society teamed up with VISIONS to play BINGO and make arts and crafts with blind seniors living in affordable housing at Selis Manor.

VISIONS is a non-profit rehabilitation and social service organization that works with blind and visually impaired people. Enterprise has supported VISIONS by helping to place a homeless, blind senior into an affordable home where they provide supportive services and care.

Gotham member Meghan McEntee does crafts with a senior at the event

Gotham volunteers gave a few hours of their night to have fun with the seniors while running their BINGO game. They also worked with the seniors to create a thanksgiving themed “box of thanks.”

Enterprise would like to thank all the volunteers who made the evening such a success, and to VISIONS for providing critical opportunities for seniors every day.

Learn more about Enterprise’s Gotham Society.

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