October 12, 2018

Opportunity360 at One Year – And Beyond

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Opportunity360 anniversary recap

We hope you’ve enjoyed celebrating the one-year anniversary of Opportunity360 with us. Over the past year it’s been exciting to watch this unique and powerful resource be used to improve communities across the U.S. We are committed to delivering innovative resources to the field, and below you’ll find a quick recap of the the ones we’ve spotlighted this week. There’s still much more to come!

As Opportunity360 moves into its second year, we hope you join us as we continue to use this platform to help create equitable communities and advance opportunity for all. Be on the lookout for more resources and tools in the coming weeks, including a new report on framing and messaging, and two webinars.

Released this week:


Listen: The Community Engagement Toolkit
An online database of tools, best practices and case studies presented in a user-friendly format that’s relational, searchable, filterable and keyword-enabled.


Housing Stability Profiles
Custom, presentation-ready 35-page report that includes top-tier research data and analyses for a chosen city, neighborhood, or region. Over 100 indicators around housing stability provide a sophisticated, contextualized, and nuanced understanding of the community’s housing landscape.


Opportunity Zone Explorer Tool
Use this mapping tool to locate Opportunity Zones by city, county or zip code, filter down by specific criteria, find details for any census tract in the U.S., compare characteristics of Opportunity Zones within each state, and more.


Equity, Opportunity and the Regional Planning Process
This paper investigates how equity and opportunity maps have been integrated into planning processes in five regions across the country. It explores how regional equity and opportunity maps have been useful in catalyzing engagement on equity issues, making the case for local and regional policy changes, and adopting meaningful equity-oriented planning and policy changes.

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