July 25, 2018

Your Five Top Reads for July

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1. Using Local Church Buildings to Address the Affordable Housing Crisis

“When we started about 12 years ago, there were a number of folks who were dubious, who would say: ‘These are not developers. Why would we work with a house of worship?’” In the Washington Post, Enterprise Vice President David Bowers talks faith-based development. The piece highlights our Mid-Atlantic team as a national leader in helping houses of worship turn underused church property into affordable housing and other community facilities. 

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2. Building Blocks Podcast: Building Back Better in Puerto Rico

As we approach the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Maria, several themes have become clear on the island of Puerto Rico as local and national  partners coordinate the delicate process of response, recovery and reconstruction. Enterprise President Laurel Blatchford talks with Erika Ruiz and Laurie Schoeman about our role in rebuilding.

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3. Affordability Program for Small Buildings Closes Deals, Learns Lessons

In City Limits, New York market leader Judi Kende discusses NYC's Landlord Ambassadors program, a collaboration between the city and Enterprise that  empowered three experienced housing nonprofits to reach out to small- and medium-sized residential property owners and help them preserve affordability. A key lesson learned early in the program, according to Judi, is to help owners understand when they need a property management company.    

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4. Early Movers on Opportunity Zones: The Future of Community Investing

Director of Impact Investing Rachel Reilly talks to ImpactAlpha about Enterprise's plans for Opportunity Funds in an article about fund managers who are shaping the future of Opportunity Zones. Rachel shares that through our own fund and intermediation services, we believe we can generate $1 billion in opportunity zone investments deals over the next decade. 

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5. New Videos Take You Inside Three Enterprise-Supported Communities 

This video series gives a glimpse into the daily lives of residents in three communities we support. Come see firsthand how an affordable, well-designed home connected to opportunities like education, public transit and health care can reshape communities and change lives. Enterprise staff, partners and funders also share their insights.

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