June 20, 2018

2018 Enterprise Green Grant Awards

By Shelby O'Neill, Program Associate, Initiatives

Enterprise Green Communities is delighted to announce our 2018 Green Grant awards to a select group of affordable housing organizations that have demonstrated their commitment to implementing critical strategies from the Enterprise Green Communities Criteria to further their development projects and organizational practices in sustainable and healthy building. 

2018 Predevelopment Grant Program

Green Grants.jpgAn integrative design and delivery process can substantially lower affordable housing development costs and encourage health, economic and environmental benefits for residents, property owners and communities. 

The following organizations have been awarded $5,000 to embark on an integrative design process and engage with residents to incorporate sustainable design into their affordable housing projects from the very beginning; using a holistic approach to promote smart location, healthy living environments, resource conservation and green property maintenance throughout the development’s life cycle. 

  • Codman Square NDC, Dorchester, Massachusetts
  • Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority, Cleveland 
  • Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia, Philadelphia
  • Piedmont Housing Alliance, Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Southside United HDFC - Los Sures, Brooklyn, New York
  • University Community Development Corporation, Atlanta
  • Wesley Housing Development Corporation, Alexandria, Virginia

2018 Excellence in Active Design Grant Program

We know that physical inactivity increases the risk of many chronic diseases, yet implementation of successful design strategies in affordable housing projects to reduce health risks associated with physical inactivity is often difficult for developers to execute. 

These six organizations have been invited to participate in our first Excellence in Active Design program; receiving $15,000 to employ innovative creative design strategies to encourage physical activity within their projects and demonstrate excellence in active design to the affordable housing industry: 

  • Artspace, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Community Counseling & Mediation, Brooklyn, New York
  • Capitol Hill Housing Foundation, Seattle
  • Mount Sinai Development Corporation, East St. Louis, Illinois
  • Urban Housing Solutions, Nashville, Tennessee
  • Wesley Housing Development Corporation, Alexandria, Virginia

We’re excited to engage with all of our 2018 green grantees and look forward to sharing about our journey along both programs. If you have questions about this work or other Green Communities activities, please connect with us at certification@enterprisecommunity.org

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