February 15, 2017

Policy Focus: Maximizing Resources

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This is part two of a five-part series highlighting Enterprise's key policy areas in 2017.

President Trump has stated that he plans to increase the defense budget without increasing the federal deficit, which would likely require significant cuts to non-defense discretionary spending. Such cuts could dramatically impact key affordable housing programs like Section 8 vouchers, Project Based Rental Assistance, public housing, the HOME Investment Partnership Program and the Community Development Block Grant program — all of which are already underfunded today. 

Enterprise is committed to working to maintain or expand funding levels for key HUD programs, focusing first and foremost on Project Based Rental Assistance, the HOME Investment Partnership Program and the Section 4 Capacity Building program. We will also advocate to lift the cap on HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration. 

Read on to see why protecting these crucial programs is our top priority, and about the many ways they’ve already helped people and communities thrive.

Enterprise's Rich Gross: San Francisco RAD is
"the height of innovation."

A HUD report finds that RAD homes leverage $19 in outside

funds for every $1 in HUD funding, showing overwhelmingly

positive results for these high-risk properties.   

RAD paved the way for a $1.69 billion transformation of San Francisco's public housing, rehabilitating more than 4,500 dilapidated apartments. The program fast-tracked an estimated 50-year undertaking, speeding it up to just three years.  

RAD HUD Stat.png

Section 4 Sign on Letter.pngSign-on Letter: Support Section 4

Section 4 strengthens low-income rural and urban communities across the nation by providing flexible support to local nonprofit organizations to develop affordable housing, finance small businesses, revitalize commercial corridors, and help address local healthcare, childcare, education, and safety needs. It is the only federal program that is exclusively focused on increasing the effectiveness of local community development organizations.

Enterprise Ohio awards $565,000 in grants through the HUD

Section 4 Capacity Building for Community Development and

Affordable Housing program.

Kebero Court Family.jpg

HOME is the only federal housing program exclusively focused on

providing states and local communities with flexible financing to

address their most pressing affordable housing needs.

HOME Stats.png

Resource: Building HOME: The HOME Investment Partnerships

Program's Impact on America's Families and Communities

Resource - Building HOME.pngThis first-of-its-kind report analyzes the program’s economic impact in all 50 states and features more than 100 HOME Success Stories from communities across the nation.

According to the report, $26 billion in HOME funds have attracted more than $117 billion in additional public and private resources to build and preserve nearly 1.2 million affordable homes and provide rental assistance to 270,000 families at risk of homelessness since 1992. This investment has supported more than 1.5 million jobs nationwide and has generated $94 billion in local income.

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