February 15, 2017

Policy Focus: Investing in Housing Infrastructure & Urban Areas

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This is part three of a five-part series highlighting Enterprise's key policy areas in 2017.

President Trump has laid out plans for a $1 trillion investment in America’s infrastructure, which he identified as a top priority in his victory speech on election night. He has also signaled plans to meaningfully invest in historically disinvested communities as part of a "plan for urban renewal."

Moving forward Enterprise will push to include investments in affordable housing as part of any broader infrastructure package or urban investment plan, including:

  • An expansion of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit allocations.
  • Capital investments in public housing through the Rental Assistance Demonstration.
  • Additional flexible funding to communities through the Community Development Block Grant and HOME Investment Partnership programs.
  • An expansion of New Markets Tax Credit allocations.

Read on to see why protecting these crucial programs is our top priority, and about the many ways they’ve already helped people and communities thrive.

Op-ed in The Hill: Housing is the key economic issue

missing from Trump's infrastructure plan.

Rebuilding Fauborg Lafitte in the wake of Hurricane Katrina

breathed new life into the heart of a city and brought

residents back home. 

A unique aspect of the renewals of Fauborg Lafitte in New Orleans and St. Dennis Apartments in D.C. is the fact that the communities are still occupied by some of their original residents. Fauborg Lafitte residents were tracked down after Hurricane Katrina, and residents of St. Dennis apartments refused to be pushed out when the previous owner tried to convert the space into market rate condominiums. 

HOPE SF seeks to transform eight of San Francisco’s most

distressed public housing sites into vibrant, thriving communities

without displacing a single resident. 

































































































































Enterprise has been a HOPE SF partner from the beginning, providing $30 million in financing, technical assistance and grants; creating a forum for sharing best practices; and launching a $25 million fundraising campaign to support innovative resident programming.































































































































































































































































HUD Secretaries Award.png
































































































































Enterprise has helped move HOPE SF into the national and international spotlight, attracting attention from other major cities, national foundations and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, even garnering a Secretaries' Award for Public-Philanthropic Partnerships.































































































































































































































































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