November 16, 2016

Investment in Health and Homes Yields Stronger Communities

Social return on Investment Report

Health and housing are inextricably linked in their impact on our everyday lives. They are both critical in lifting low-income people out of poverty, as our new Social Return on Investment report highlights. Without a stable home, securing even basic health care is a significant struggle. 

Recognizing this disparity, Enterprise Community Loan Fund has prioritized investment not only in affordable housing but also in health centers. The results are impressive: 

  • Critical health services provided to more than 13,000 patients each year
  • At CAMBA Gardens, a 79 percent reduction in the number of residents making multiple emergency room visits per year 
  • An estimated $16.7 million in annual savings on public health care spending, thanks to Stout Street's health services

But the yield on this investment is so much more than percentages and dollars. The proof is in the people—the social return on investment. Their stories are harder to quantify, but the people prospering thanks to your support of the Enterprise Community Impact Note are the best example of how access to healthy, affordable homes connected to good schools, jobs, transit and health care services changes communities.

Learn more and ask questions in a live online event Thursday.