May 12, 2016

Enterprise Achieves Better Buildings Goal Ahead of Schedule

Better Buildings Challenge

Through the Better Buildings Initiative, the Department of Energy (DOE) is working with leading organizations across the country to increase investment in energy efficiency and reduce energy bills, while avoiding carbon and other pollutants through the Better Buildings Challenge. As part of President Obama's Climate Action Plan, the Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) and DOE extended the challenge to include multifamily housing, and Enterprise joined in as a Financial Ally, committing to $130 million in investments in multifamily developments pursuing the Better Buildings Challenge.

This year, Enterprise became one of just four Financial Allies in the Better Buildings Challenge who have met their goals ahead of schedule.

"Enterprise is proud to support multifamily owners in their pursuit of the Better Buildings Challenge," says VP of Enterprise Green Initiatives Thomas Osdoba. "We are committed to continuing our leadership as a Financial Ally."

In 2011, 60 organizations, representing almost 2 billion square feet of building space, took President Obama’s Better Buildings Challenge to improve the efficiency of their building portfolios by 20 percent or more. The president’s challenge to CEOs, university presidents, state and local government leaders and building owners: to help lead the country to 20 percent energy savings over 10 years. To date, more than 310 organizations spanning more than 4.2 billion sq. ft. of building space have taken this leadership challenge.

In 2016, 12 partners achieved their energy goals and four achieved their water goals, and four Financial Allies, including Enterprise, also placed sufficient investments to meet their financing goals. There are now over 35 partners and allies that have achieved their energy savings, water savings or financing goals.

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