March 4, 2014

Field Notes: Spring Retreat and Alumni Gathering in Mississippi

By Emily Roush Elliot, Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellow

The current Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellows share their ideas, inspirations and photos from the field on our blog. Learn more about the Fellowship.

This Thursday, 31 of the 50 to-date Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellows will be convening in Greenwood, Mississippi for the four-day alumni gathering. The first alumni gathering since 2010, when we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Rose Fellowship, this will be an opportunity for us to connect and cross-pollinate stories and best practices from the trenches of our communities. During the retreat, many current and alumni fellows will meet for the first time. With fifty fellows we are our own network with diversity built in, and I am most excited about the conversations that will happen, both planned and spontaneously, because of our shared and unique experiences. It will also be a chance for me to guide the fellows and other guests from our national design and development network through the work I'm doing in Mississippi.
The Mississippi Delta is a special place. The ongoing and historical struggle for racial equity, the alluvial landscape, and specificity of culture will be new experiences for most of the fellows. In order to move beyond the caricature of Mississippi, fellows will visit ancient swamplands, the BB King Museum, important Civil Rights sites, and spend a day in the historic African American Baptist Town neighborhood.
Because each fellowship is unique, it can be difficult to communicate the specific challenges and environments we each encounter. I am so pleased to get to show fellows first-hand the work I have been dedicated to for the past fourteen months, and gain their insights to inspire me moving forward.
Follow us during the retreat on Twitter @rosefellowship to learn more about our work!
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