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Connecting Residents and Communities to Foster Opportunity


Low- and moderate-income individuals and families are struggling to access affordable homes in communities connected to opportunity. And yet, as difficult as the situation already is for many, the affordable housing crisis continues to escalate in cities throughout the country. 

For more than 10 years, Capital One Bank, Capital One Foundation and Enterprise have worked together across multiple markets and nationally to stabilize the lives of individuals and families by making well-designed homes affordable. 

This year, thanks to the generous support of Capital One, we are deploying a new technology called Rezility to residents in targeted communities nationally. Rezility will enable housing and social service providers to connect directly with residents in real time to let them know about support services, events and programs such as job training, food fairs and free financial counseling in their communities. This increased connectivity creates greater access to opportunities that help stabilize and improve lives.  

From helping low-income renters build credit in New York, advising the Mayor of New Orleans on the city’s housing plan, supporting the efforts of faith-based institutions in developing affordable housing, and assisting California developers in partnering with transit providers to create joint projects, we are devising and applying new solutions for keeping homes affordable and ensuring that financing and technical skills are in place to support residents, developers, government entities and communities. 

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