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Aligning Sectors to Strengthen Families

Where a child grows up has a profound impact on his/her well-being and long-term life outcomes. Data show that children raised in high-poverty neighborhoods have a harder time moving up the economic ladder than children raised in more affluent communities.

At Enterprise, we believe that housing affordability and security is essential, but we know that it is not enough. We seek to make housing a platform to economic mobility so that children born in low-income families are able to move out of poverty, and adults experiencing poverty have the ability to become more economically successful and secure.

Thanks to generous support from Ballmer Group, Enterprise is partnering with StriveTogether — a national nonprofit network of nearly 70 community partnerships working to ensure that every child succeeds from the cradle — to explore ways in which housing and education collaborations can advance economic mobility for low-income communities. In 2019, we are doing this in three ways:

  1. By providing direct technical assistance in three or four regions focused on developing closer partnerships, shared outcomes, and strategies for advancing economic mobility through housing and education interventions.
  2. Developing a practitioner toolkit that helps communities identify, measure, and report shared outcomes and improves program implementation and measurement.
  3. Encouraging peer learning by sharing lessons that support other communities pursuing housing and education partnerships that advance economic mobility.

Additionally, we are proud that Ballmer Group has made a significant contribution to our Emergency Action for Partner and Resident Stability program. The Covid-19 response effort offers community partner organizations a broad range of support, including emergency grants and long-term technical assistance, to help vulnerable, low-income families and individuals can remain their homes and access support during the pandemic.

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