Sal K. Mirran
Chief Executive Officer
Meiners Partners LTD

Columbia Headquarters

70 Corporate Center
11000 Broken Land Parkway, Suite 700
Columbia, MD 21044

With over 20 years in financial institutions, Sal has markets, product and operational expertise throughout the “value chain” of corporate and consumer finance. As head of Meiners Partners, he is currently overseeing extended family and personal assets, including various mineral resources, commercial and residential real estate, ranching and financial and other assets.

Sal was most recently head of Deutsche Bank’s Asia Mortgage business, managing its strategic effort in Asia with the evolving landscape of consumer and structured finance. He joined DB in 2009 as regional head to establish and lead  financing, advisory, distribution and investment strategies and activities.

Prior, Sal was SVP and head of corporate strategy for Fannie Mae and oversaw Board-Management strategic planning. Sal also managed products, the economics department, and initiatives and solutions. His team developed and executed business responses to the market disruption in terms of liquidity, credit risk taking, mission and opportunity, and solutions.  With the downturn, he was charged to lead policymaker engagements, providing support during the crisis for efforts with U.S. government agencies and constituencies. During the early stages, he served as the primary strategist for FNMA’s market response.

From 2001-2005, Sal was hired to enhance and execute Bank of America’s “Universal Bank” growth strategy by rebuilding the capital markets group to integrate risk origination and distribution with bank treasury, investment banking and risk, for the consumer real estate and insurance group. As SVP of Capital Markets, he oversaw the originate-to-distribute aspect of the mortgage business -- with its annual volume of $90 billion to $120 billion -- managing loan pricing, hedging, distribution, execution, products and risk.

From 1994-2001, as managing director with First Union Securities (later Wachovia Securities), he was recruited for efforts to grow the bank through new capital markets businesses, expanding the retail “footprint” and ensuring flow for securities distribution. He joined the start up team to build asset finance across asset classes, build advisory, develop commercial paper, trade assets, aggregate risk, manage investments, design products and channels, and to advise on funding and capital. He engaged in the build-out of third-party securitization, and designed and built a $15 billion asset-backed commercial paper finance business. Finally, he was charged with managing the “conduit programs” department for loan acquisition and trading.  From 1989-1994, Sal marketed and arranged complex transactions for energy and corporate clients and managed portfolios with First Chicago, later part of JPMorganChase.

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