For families already struggling to pay the rent each month, one unexpected life event could mean losing everything. And unforeseen challenges are becoming all too common in the face of a pandemic and increasing climate disasters.

Economic, climate and health shocks devastate communities. We strengthen people and places to prepare for and recover from shocks to ultimately promote stability, well-being and upward mobility.

Advancing Upward Mobility

Americans with the lowest incomes only have a 30 percent chance of ever earning a middle-income wage, and Black Americans are more likely than their white peers to experience downward mobility.

Building Resilient Futures

No two disasters are alike, but people whose lives and homes are affected all need the same thing – a safe and secure future, starting with an affordable home built to be resilient.

Helping Communities Recover and Rebuild

We raise critical funds, build temporary homes and help mitigate the disproportionate impact climate change has on communities of color.

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Blog Post

Unpacking Racial Disparities in Property Taxes

A recent study found that Black and Hispanic homeowners pay 10-13 percent higher effective property taxes relative to white owners with similar homes in the same jurisdiction. This blog dives deeper into this issue, noting that such disparities are just another example of deep-seeded racial inequities in housing markets.
Blog Post

2020 Election Update: Candidates Weigh in on Affordable Housing During South Carolina Debate

The 10th DNC debate included the cycle's second housing question. Enterprise Policy Fellow for 2020 Presidential Election Engagement Chris Whitmer rounds up how candidates responded.
Blog Post

Lawmakers Introduce the Green New Deal for Public Housing Act

New legislation introduced by Senators Sanders (I-VT), Merkley (D-OR) and Warren (D-MA), and Representative Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY-14) aims to decarbonize public housing, fund resiliency grants.
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