Home is where life happens and futures begin.

Yet millions of families can’t afford a place to call home. The system doesn’t work – it must be changed by us.

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Our mission is to make home and community places of pride, power
and belonging.

Our Goals

Increase Housing Supply

Increase Housing Supply

We invest in and advocate for the preservation and production of good homes people can afford.


Financing for Developers

Products for Investors


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Advance Racial Equity

After decades of systematic racism in housing, racial equity is at the center of our work.

Equitable Path Forward

Justice Involved Homes

Rural & Native American

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Build Resilience & Upward Mobility

We support residents and strengthen communities to be resilient to the unpredictable and make upward mobility possible.

Building Resilient Futures

Green Communities

Upward Mobility

Our Impact
We're here for change

Since 1982, we’ve invested $54 billion and created 873,000 homes in all 50 states. Join us to make our greatest impact yet.

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873000 homes

Up against a massive shortage, we increase the supply of affordable rental homes for millions of families.


40 years

Each day, we draw from decades of real-life experiences on the ground with our partners.


$54 billion

We aggregate and invest billions in capital for impact in homes and communities across the U.S.

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Build Capacity with HUD Section 4 Funding
We help CDCs and CHDOs in underserved communities maximize the impact of HUD Section 4 funding.

Funder Spotlight


With Amazon’s grant to advance racial equity, we’re helping developers of color scale their operations and seed their pipeline of affordable housing projects – and reshape the affordable housing industry to better reflect the communities it serves.

If we are going to bring about lasting, holistic, and meaningful change to how affordable housing is developed, developers of color need to be a part of the solution.

Catherine Buell, Director of the Amazon Housing Equity Fund
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We are here for impact. Join us.