Maricendi Jaimes is a deeply entrenched community member and advocate committed to improving her neighborhood.

Maricendi is the West Denver Community Connector Program Coordinator at the BuCu West Development Association. The West Denver Community Connector Program was started shortly after the beginning of the pandemic as a collaboration between the West Denver Renaissance Collaborative and BuCu West to bring together a group of community navigators who were passionate about the work in the community.

Previously, Maricendi had been working in Westwood as a community connector for four years. She gets great joy from being able to support and give back to her community. Maricendi enjoys working with her colleagues to impact the community in a positive way. She believes all the hard work is worth it because providing support to someone in need can make all the difference.

6+ Years
Working in community development
Deeply Committed
To her neighborhood

Maricendi’s vision for the next 40 years in the affordable housing and community development sector is for housing to become affordable so that people who grew up in her neighborhood can stay in the community. She wants the next generation to have the opportunity to buy a home and take advantage of the positive changes.

Illustration of multi-generational people of different races waiting at bus stop
My vision for my community is that we have equity and the same opportunities as richer neighborhoods. Let my people no longer suffer from high housing costs and let my neighborhood improve to make the population feel safer.
Maricendi Jaimes

Maricendi has been working in her community for the past six years with plans of creating centers for entertainment, community collaboration and arts in West Denver. She loves working for her comunidad (community) and hopes to leave a legacy that is empowering and fruitful for generations to come.

When Maricendi isn’t acquiring new skills to give back to her neighborhood, you can find her going to the movies or spending time outdoors. She enjoys spending time with family, friends and her dogs.

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